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Andropause can be treated with Testosterone Injections, Creams Gels or Patches and can help Men with Low T

Andropause, hypogonadism or male menopause is the set of health effects that occur in middle aged and aging men. Altough it has some similarities to menopause in women, Andropause is a gradual process that culminates in low testosterone levels that adversly impact a man's health, sex drive, muscles bones, realtionships, sleep, attitude and mood.

Andropause or male menopause is the slow but steady decrease in natural testosterone production in men. Both androgens testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone become so low that the health consequences necessetate hormone replacement therapy. During Andropause, the pituitary glnad, hormone receptors, stimulating hormones and Leydig cells in the man's testes no longer function to maintain normal levels of testosterone circulating in a man's blood stream.

Andropause Symptoms

Clinically "andropause" is known as hypogonadism and defined as "a deficiency state in which the hormone testosterone goes below the normal range for an aging male". The impact of low levels of male testosterone identifies symptoms including loss of libido (sex drive), impotence (erectile dysfunction), rapid weight gain around the belly, muscle loss and falbbiness despite exercise, bone loss, anxiety, nervousness, depression, memory loss, inability to focus or concentrate, extreme fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes, and night sweats.

Male HRT doctors can help men replace their lost testosterone with TRT or Testosterone Replacment Therapy. Male health symptoms can decrease dramatically when HRT patients are given replacement doses of testosterone either through injections, creams, gels or patches.

Andropause - The Decline in Testosterone is Inevitable

Andropause is a decline in the male hormone testosterone. The drop in male testosterone levels initially leads to loss of energy, stamina and concentration, weight and sleep problems, depression, and mood swings. Andropause does not cause a man's reproductive system to stop working completely, rather it becomes so sluggish and non-responsive that loss of sexual desire and impotence can become commonplace.

Men experience andropause as a very gradual testosterone deficiency as lower testosterone production corresponds with an increase in sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and higher estrogen levels that occurs from age 35 to 40 onwards. Testosterone can decline up to 10% or more every decade after the age of 30 (1% or even 2% per year). Premature andropause can occur in men exposed to excessive female hormones like estrogen through the workplace or high tap drinking water concentrations. Either way by their mid-50's, about 30 percent of American men experience andropause and more than 5 million American men do not produce adequate testosterone and sadly do not seek treatment.

Andropause has been observed in association with Alzheimer's disease, Osteoporosis and greater Cardiovascular disease.

In a testosterone clinical study, 98.0% of primary care physicians believed that andropause and osteoporosis risk were related. Researchers use the term androgen deficiency of the aging male (ADAM), to reflect Andropausal symptoms and subsequent loss of testosterone production. Some clinical researchers use the term partial androgen deficiency in aging males (PADAM) when symptoms are not yet severe. In either case a man with Low T should get a blood test and find out what his testosterone levels are. If they are lower than normal, he should seek out a qualified testosterone doctor to consult with regarding a male hormone replacement program.

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