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Testosterone Therapy for Men with Low T Symptoms due to Andropause @


Testosterone Treatments can help men increase Low Testosterone Levels @
Food Intolerance
Chemical Sensitivities
Hormone Imbalance
Environmental Toxins
Heavy Metals
Vitamin Deficiency
Growth Hormone

Testosterone Therapy

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Testosterone Deficiency Testing
Growth Hormone Deficiency Testing

Get Lab Testing for Low Testosterone, Low HGH, Vitamin & Nutritional Deficiency

Hormone Testing, Food Allergy Testing, Food Sensitivity and Nutritional Deficiency Testing are part of a holistic approach to health.

Our complete diagnostic evaluations include age and gender specific testing to help pinpoint any potential health concerns. The results can guide you toward a healthier, more productive and more enjoyable life.

Food Allergy Testing

Food Intolerance And Chemical Sensitivities

This a patented test that objectively measures the blood cells' reactions to a foreign substance under conditions designed to mimic what actually happens when the food is consumed in real life.

The methodology includes using innovative laboratory reagents allowing accurate cell measurement in their native form. By avoiding test positive foods, symptoms are reduced or eliminated and you will probably feel more energy as a major cause of weight imbalance is overcome. The test helps you and/or your doctor create an individualized food plan designed to meet your needs. And what's more, the benefits are usually seen within a matter of days.

Hormone Testing - Low T Testing - HGH Testing - Andropause - Menopause

Hormone Balance (Adult Hormone deficiency)

The Hormone Balance diagnostic lab test is designed to measure optimal hormone balance in men and women over 30 years of age including low testosterone testing, low growth hormone testing, estrogen and progesterone imbalance, thyroid, DHEA and othe essential hormones.

Heavy Metals Testing

Environmental Toxins / Heavy Metals
Heavy metal toxicity or poisoning arises when the body accumulates an excessive amount of a heavy metal, such as mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminium or nickel which places the individual at risk for serious illness.

These heavy metals play no known biological role in the human body, unlike with some elements such as selenium, which is an effective antioxidant, iron, which is required by blood cells, and copper, which is an integral part of many enzymes. Since they are not useful to the organism, and because the body has storage sites for them, these heavy metals can accumulate in tissues over time and cause serious health problems.

Toxicity from mercury, in common with the other heavy metals, arises from environmental contamination and also from some unexpected sources as we shall see below. With mercury, it is the nature of the environmental sources that are particularly worrying in the context of nutrition.

Vitamin Deficiency Testing

Vitamins are essential for normal cellular function and health. Having a deficiency in any of the individual vitamins can give rise to disease and any of a number of complaints. Overt vitamin deficiency means that the body vitamin status is too low to maintain proper health, but just sufficient to prevent classic clinical symptoms of deficiency. Having a blood test is the definitive way of picking up vitamin deficiencies and checking body status of vitamins.

Deficiencies can go unnoticed for many years until illness develops. Sub-clinical and frank deficiciency can arise either from inadequate intake, abnormal metabolism, excessive excretion or because of an underlying disease process. It can also arise because of imbalance in other vitamins or minerals since these nutrients interact with each other. Regardless of how they arise, if allowed to go unnoticed then your health becomes compromised.

Modern Therapy has been providing patients with Testosterone Treatment, Human Growth Hormone Therapy, HCG Injections, Andropause Treatment and Menopause Treatment for over 20 years. Our Mayo Clinic® Trained physicians take their time to carefully listen to you and treat your symptoms with a holistic approach and provide preventative care to help fight the signs of aging. Healthy and youthful aging is possible and using Age Management Medicine, anti-aging treatments and supplements, nutrition, fitness and hormone optimization with bio-identical hormones, our Anti-Aging Physicians put you back on track to living a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

Contact one of our Hormone Replacement therapists today to find out more about Testosterone Therapy including Testosterone injections, creams, gels and patches!

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