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Sermorelin is a biological active analog of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) that is produced by the human brain to stimulate production and release of growth hormone by the pituitary gland. During youth, ample amounts of GHRH are produced so that the pituitary is able to provide the body with sufficient growth hormone to sustain health, vitality and otherwise normal aspects of form and function. However, during aging, GHRH declines causing reduced production and secretion of pituitary hGH and thereby increasing the sequelae of growth hormone insufficiency that erodes health, vigor and vitality during later life.


Thus, Sermorelin should be considered a valuable alternative to hGH by anti-aging practitioners seeking to provide the best and most contemporary interventions in aging for their patients.


Human growth hormone produced by recombinant gene technology has been used extensively for anti-aging therapy during the past decade. Although effective in restoring certain youthful characteristics in aging subjects, hGH has certain medical and legal issues that sometimes restrict practitioners use of the product. The major problems with hGH include:

  • Improper dosing can lead to side effects that may be serious in some patients,
  • Subcutaneous administration results in non-physiological or "square wave" exposure of tissues to hGH that is not controlled by normal feedback mechanisms and thus, eventually leads to tachyphylaxis and reduced efficacy.
  • The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) restricts the use of hGH in adults except for treatment of AIDS or human growth hormone deficiency (GHD) diagnosed according to specifically published guidelines.

Based upon these potential problems with hGH, an alternative product that overcomes the medical and legal issues would be of significant value to anti-aging practitioners. The only such product currently available commercially is a structural analog of human growth hormone releasing hormone called growth hormone releasing factor (GRF) or SERMORELIN. Unlike recombinant hGH which stimulates production of the bioactive hormone IGF-1 from the liver, SERMORELIN simulates the patients own pituitary gland by binding to specific receptors that increase production and secretion of endogenous hGH. Because SERMORELIN increases endogenous hGH by stimulating the pituitary gland it has certain advantages over hGH that include:

  • It's effects are regulated at the level of the pituitary gland by negative feedback and by release of somatostatin so that overdoses of hGH are difficult if not impossible to achieve,
  • Tissue exposure to hGH released by the pituitary under the influence of SERMORELIN is episodic not "square wave" preventing tachphylaxis by mimicking normal physiology by stimulating the pituitary it preserves more of the growth hormone neuroendocrine axis that is the first to fail during aging.
  • Pituitary recrudescence resulting from SERMORELIN blocks the cascade of hypophyseal hormone failure that occurs during aging thereby preserving not only youthful anatomy but also youthful physiology.
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